Saturday, May 9, 2009

Back at Weight Watchers

I first did the Weight Watchers program in 2002 and lost about 22 pounds. Back then, it was one Points program, pretty straightforward. I enjoyed the meetings and found them very helpful. After becoming a lifetime member, I even joined staff briefly but did not find that activity a good fit as I was building my business at the same time and needed to devote more time to that.
Losing the weight made me feel so good about myself that I found love and became engaged and then married in June 2004.
A few pounds crept on and I "tried" WW again in 2006. That time it didn't work as well as I was not committed to doing the program and no longer enjoyed the meetings. By then, there were two choices, Core and Flex. I "did" Flex but quit after a few weeks.
In early 2008, having packed on about 25 pounds and feeling quite unhappy about that, I went back to WW and this time did the Core plan, which I enjoyed. I lost 4 or 5 pounds and was on track for more, albeit slowly, when my husband suggested we both try Nutrisystem because one of his friends had done it and lost weight.
On Nutrisystem I lost another 14 pounds or so by early 2009.
I maintained that loss until about three weeks ago (at five pounds from goal weight) when I found weight creeping on again.
I decided it was time to go back to Weight Watchers for the support and to get that last ten pounds off.
Today I found out that Core and Flex are gone and now there's just one plan, Momentum, which is a combination of the two. I can live with that, since I lost most of my weight on Flex but liked the simplicity of Core.
I liked the meeting and I liked the leader, and will keep going back to this meeting (Saturday mornings at 9:30 AM at the Ocean Park location in Santa Monica -- close enough for me to walk). Join me there if you want to try Weight Watchers -- I do recommend the program.

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